Welcome to Globel

Sunday, 24 March 2002

Well if you found this page the links are starting to work, although I have other sites I do have expectations of this one especially with my accumulated knowledge, and btw welcome to Globel, and sorry I need to introduce myself, my name is Paul and amongst other things I am a programmer, I have built several graphically pleasing sites but this one is going to stay plain and simple. Over the next few months you will see this site change, and include a lot of functionality rather than looks, I have just built the username and password parts of this program because that's what it is Globel is a program and next is the free hit counter for your web pages.

There are a lot of ideas for this site, and I hope you spend time coming back now and then, I think you will be pleased with the result, I certainly hope I am, it certainly will not lack determination on my part. Anyway, like most of us I personally hate pages that go on and on about nothing really, so I will stop for now, but before I do this site is intended as a centralising site for all the others, it will be a control panel for my customers as well as offering free services for netcitizens, if you are interested in free services at all it would be a good idea to bookmark this page, if you want register an account now although you will not be able to use it yet, you will have a wider choice of username and nickname before yours is taken, btw PaulGee is reserved for me so don't take it I will only have to delete it.

So that's it for this news bulletin, stay tuned and pick a name if you are reading this not long from the date above you are one of the first newcomers to this new site…

Please excuse the rushed nature of this text I am just blasting out enough information for you to know generally what this page is about, I will write in a calmer nature when things are progressing at my speed, spose I need to catch up with myself first….