Counters Now Live April 2002

Thursday, 04 April 2002:

Well that's the counter installed, this is still a new site and Thanks to all those who have got their new counters :-), there's lot's more to come including a FAQ page based on all your questions so far, if your new welcome and enjoy this new service, the key word is fast here, and the code for the counter has been optimized for speed I would be very surprised if your page hangs whilst waiting for the counter graphic to reach your page which unfortunately seems to be the case with a lot of our competitors.

Anyway; for now I will be busy working in the background making this counter better and improving any bugs if any from your emails additionally adding the stat's, there is only one drastic change that will take place in the near future, at the moment anyone can copy the code from your page on the Internet and use your counter in fact this is so of most counters, when I install the security referrer part of the program it could cause your counter to freeze, all you need to do is come back and log on to your control panel and tell the program which page you wish it to monitor you will not loose any counting data so far…. Paul