Complicated Control Panel?

Saturday, 06 April 2002:

Well Thank you for all your comments so far, the big one has been and will be introduced to the FAQ, but this is to answer one now as it is a biggie or seems to be:

Why is the control panel so complicated?
why can you not just add the service automatically?

I hope this answers your question….

I honestly did not think the control panel was complicated; and you can add the service automatically, it is just not done for you when you sign up thats all, you log on to your control panel and simply add the service where you can also get the html code for your page, it's all about saving system resources actually and part of making your counter fast, each new member is allocated their own individual counter this includes the programming behind your counter as well, so every time your page accesses the counter it will be only your page accessing that part of the program and therefore no wait time for others to finish, it is part of a child process as well but that's going beyond layman's terms for this page.

I would welcome more comments on this but here follows my reasoning, The control panel is designed to include several services, not all these services may be required by a particular user at any one time, the intention is to allow one free service per customer and provide it fast, eventually every user will have several options or services to choose from and at this time it is not possible to make all these services free so they can pick what they want on their control panel. Additionally the system forks into several parts so it makes my job easy when adding extra services and also is kinder to system recourses, however if you have an idea to improve this please let me know as I am all for making this a worthwhile experience for you and ultimately improving the site. I hope this answers your question on this for now, and please do keep them coming in they are truly valued as your custom is, we seek only to make this system better and with your input contributes to making all our lives easier thank you.