Globel Wizard May 2002

Monday, 27 May 2002:

Well that's it for now…Globel Wizard upgrade Completed still more to do but give this a rest for now; other than rectifying any bugs if they appear, I am quite pleased with the results and you now have millions of variations of different looking counters at your disposal, the Wizard literally moulds the counter around your page and I would be interested in your comments… you can now have:

1. 216 x 216 x 216 colour variations
2. Between 1 to 15 digits on the counter itself
3. You can opt for no numbers on your counter at all
4. The update is live and happens in real time without you touching any code
5. The counter digits can be different colours and sizes

And that really is summing it all up lightly, you can even space and pad the space between the counter box and digits and if you want not have a box at all…

Old accounts will have to upgrade to use the new wizard, but that's it the last time for pasting code, I will update the FAQ in due course to facilitate the new wizard a lot of stuff is redundant now because the wizard walks you through building your counter with on screen help step by step of the way and once pasted that's it….

I will be moving on to the stats as promised very shortly I am not going to estimate a time schedule yet until I am well underway but going on past stuff it should not take more than 14 days however don't hold me to that there's a lot to do, thankyou again everyone for your continual criticism of certain points, it has helped me make decisions about the evolvement of this counter and from now it only gets better…

Thanks again Paul