Tracking Statistics Upgrade June 2002

Thursday, 13 June 2002:

Hello again or if you're a new user Hi….
I've been busy that's why I have been quite if your wondering building the statistics up to something we can chat about but whilst I was doing that I got distracted because I needed to make changes to the counter for the tracking device, the new version now sends and retrieves cookies from your users, whilst this was all going on I thought I would build a ("on site monitor") "because I can" into the counter…

I think it's a useful little feature and looks cool as part of the counter, I have to do a few other things to implement it, i.e. changes to the wizard to switch it on or off for those who do not want it but I am hoping if testing goes well it should be available in the next few days if your interested…

As for the statistics; well I have been going round in circles trying to find an end to the features I am building but as yet have not so please be patient I think they should be well worth the wait…..

See ya Paul