Wednesday, 19 June 2002:

Well upgrade completed, if you installed your account after: Wednesday, 19 June 2002 at 8:09 AM some of the following will not be relevant to you as all new accounts created after this time will receive the new counter…

If you have one of our original accounts before V3 as soon as you log on to the wizard or try to get your HTML code the wizard will want to upgrade and ask you first.

If you have a V3 account the wizard will automatically upgrade your account whilst using it in either case it will need to upgrade….

In order to benefit from the wizard and its new functions any account prior to the above date will need to re-paste the HTML code, this one I was not expecting and I know I said you will not have to do it again and sorry but the wizard now makes extensive use of cookies and your counter has had a really serious upgrade, the HTML calling code now includes machine preparation calls to ask your users computer if it wants cookies or not and if your users do not like cookies then the code will stop sending them, this is good netcitizen stuff so it's a good idea to think about it your counter will still work if you cannot be bothered to re-paste the code but I recommend you do to benefit from the use of cookies as they will track the user right through your site…..

You can now stop your machine from being counted as well so every time you visit the site you will not register a hit on your account, as well as the new visitor monitor which monitors who's on your site in real time, there has been some major changes to the counter some you will not see yet for example the code now registers which search engine has sent you this hit and what search keywords they have used to find you this will all come into effect and is in preparation for the new statistics being built which has seriously been put behind because of these updates.

I am expecting this to take another two weeks allowing for any reports of problems or bugs that may rear their ugly heads for the statistics to come into full play and hopefully if everything goes well and is as rock solid as the original counter (ton's of tests done) we will be looking at something that is very closely becoming second to none on the Internet at present and that is what I am aiming for ("well we can all dream can't we"), to all my original users thank you for sticking with me and hope you have enjoyed watching the counter change quite rapid over the past 2 months I am still on the case and have quite a bit more to do towards perfection or as near as I can get it…

There are just ton's of features and benefits to come and will be listed in the FAQ in due course…