Monday, 29 July 2002-12:57 AM:

Warning Please Read: in the next 24 to 72 hours there is another important upgrade to the counter and due to all counters across the site, this is a blanket upgrade and cannot be bypassed in any way; so this is an advanced warning to existing users you will not be able to gain access to anything until this particular upgrade is completed on your account…

After the new part of the program is implemented hopefully after testing within the above time; when you try you access your account "for counters only" you will be faced with a screen to upgrade your account, to go any further you must upgrade first as several parts of the counter manager has been changed and will not work on the old counter…

There now is a counter editor in addition to the wizard, the editor essentially adds extra counters to the same account you can now add/edit and delete the counters on your account, and this means you can add extra counters to your account put them on separate pages with different running totals on each page but will still be centralized in your statistics, there is a maximum of 3 counters for FREE accounts at the moment...

This is quite a significant and exiting change to the counter as well as a turning point, the initial obvious advantages of this upgrade are as above, but; for an example, in the statistics engine before the counter would tell the program where it was on the Internet, several of you were using more than one copy of the counter and even although the location was given there is a vagueness to which page the counter was rooted from, now because each counter has it's own identification it will give it's identified name and root as well as it's location on the Internet so there is no mistake which counter and which page we are talking about as re translation.

There are absolutely limitless advantages to this and all may not become apparent immediately but will over time and is part of this counters evolvement to become absolutely without doubt accurate to the last digit. On top of all this I have been monitoring all accounts across the site and several bug issues have been resolved in the new version not to mention the cookie area as this counter is used on so many different platforms so overall this upgrade is very important.

If you have any concerns before you upgrade LOOK HERE and if you are still concerned in any way don't hesitate to contact me before you upgrade…

What this upgrade does:
It takes your old counter and it's total and converts it into a named counter with the same total, also upgrades the counter program and associated files, it does not touch your statistics and runs as before with these:

V3 version accounts will not need to do anything else not even re paste the code after upgrade the setup will take all your default settings even from the wizard and apply them to the new counter. But would be a wise precaution to note down the counters number just in case something does go wrong.

V2 version or older counters will need to re-paste the code, but some V2 accounts may not need to do anything else as the wizard settings will be replicated however this was about the time when the new wizard was implemented, if your account does not have any default settings which it did not in older accounts you will need to use the wizard again, additionally like above you must take your counters number down just in case…

How do I tell which version I have?
By simply looking at your pasting code on your WebPage if within those lines it has the word.

1. " Countcode.txt " this is an old account and will need all the extra work to the wizard editor and settings and re pasting….

2. " XBcountcodeV2.txt " this is a V2 account and will require re pasting but may or may not require further setup this depends when the account was created as configuration files started around this time.

3. " TXTcountcodeV3.js " this is the latest account in the last 2 months and is V3 this account will require little or no extra work form you. You will not even have to re paste the code "as promised" but if you create extra counters you will need to paste these as each one has it's own unique identification set by again yourself.

But in all cases of the above check your code ON YOUR WebPage and TAKE NOTES just in case.

Please remember that every care has been taken in the production of this counter and it's upgrades, we additionally back up all your data on the server as an extra precaution should something go wrong but ultimately cannot accept responsibility for a situation if it does go bad so please take all the precautions you can your end before you do anything major like this and with information you collect and the information we have stored we should be able to re establish your account should the worst scenario happen…

As soon as this upgrade is completed no single user will be allowed to have more than one FREE account with us, there ARE exceptions to this rule i.e. if you are a web developer and have several clients that wish to use the counter then this is still OK but please tell us what you are doing, if you have several accounts now you will need to delete them and keep one, in this situation you must contact us and tell us about it, if a user is found using more than one account for the counter for no apparent reason all accounts will be deleted for that user with no notice whatsoever so please contact us and tell us what you are doing…..

The reasons for the above deletion process of accounts with excess use is because we are trying to keep everything in one place, there are several important changes around the corner that are designed to benefit our users and future updates will get confused if there is more than one user per one account scenario, so please don't do it; additionally it is unfair on others to take advantage of a good system like this….