Counter Update Complete August 2002

Tuesday, 06 August 2002:

Upgrade completed…. As forewarned the new upgrade to globel has been completed this marks quite an improvement to our counter and I hope you like what I have done.

through everyone's constant feedback and suggestions it has enabled me to form new ideas and/or remedies to improve the globel counter even more, so keep emm coming if you have seen something somewhere else that you would like as part of this counter or have a new idea that can improve it please do tell me (this has to be a general idea and not something that is copyrighted or special or unique to another company i.e. like our wizard idea); I can then think out a way of including it or making something better, most idea's within the counter are original like the globel wizard but in most cases any suggestions you put forward are either included as part of another idea or totally different or better than the original just by looking at it a different way, and most of all thank you I think we make a good team.

This new upgrade enables you to add new counters on the fly but obviously if you delete a counter you will loose all count totals on that particular counter, however your statistics do not change any hits recorded by a particular counter are kept forever even although that counter has long since been deleted, each counter can have a separate count number and can have a completely different look even although it is on the same account but… you cannot select the hit monitor or separate lengths of digits on each counter these are general at the moment and if you want it on one you must have them across all counters, "AT THE MOMENT" let's see this upgrade settle in first and that will be an option for the future.

It goes without saying that there are none or very limited FAQ's or help files on this part of the counter yet the counter is evolving at a tremendous rate and some parts of the counter are still being improved as you are reading this so for this please be patient new users will not need to worry about any of this at all as the new counter is automatically installed with the latest edition…

When you log on now you will not be able to do anything else but upgrade if you are an existing user at this point, so for now best of luck and please enjoy this fruitful new addition to the counter… As always any problems let me know, and be real careful when deleting your counters…