Log On Changes October 2002

Important News Friday, 11 October 2002 4:01 PM GMT

START OF CHANGE: Changes to Globel and log on procedure "with immediate effect": Because of the rapid growth of Globel and Counter Accounts I have had to implement several changes to the way the database is built to cope with millions instead of thousands and still be as efficient as it is now, you may have noticed I have closed the doors to globel as in new users for a few weeks whilst I make all these changes, in the next 5 hours I will be changing over to a new database design with the optimistic hope that you; my user will experience no difference to the way you log on, however if you do get a problem logging into your account please do tell me, this change effects nothing else on your counter at this time this upgrade is in the background and is major and you will not be able to log in for 5-7 hours from the above time whilst I rebuild the database and make these changes I apologise for any inconvenience, if this period has elapsed and you still cannot log in please let me know……