User Database Upgrade Complete October 2002

Saturday, 12 October 2002
12:26:19 AM

The user database upgrade complete, the new database is my own implementation so it's brand new and may squeak and complain a little but once running at full steam should handle 100s of thousands of users with little effort, unlike the problems I have experienced with MSQL at this level, but I reserve judgement until fully tested on this site, all the original user accounts have been converted to this new database design so if I have dropped a few or made an error you will not be able to log in and all you need to do is inform me so I can rectify it for you.
Actually truth is it went to easy and to well and I am expecting the bottom line with thousands of users converted the new database is handling it with a breeze so something has got to happen?

Mmm… well I will not re open the doors to globel yet there is one more conversion to do.