Counter Referral Dec 2002

Thursday, 12 December 2002
Counter Referral information installed:

Good news the counter referral information is now working in your statistics, this new part of the statistics lists all WebPage referrers if available including your referrals to your own WebPages, you can find it on the red arrow under:
"All Referrers To Your Website's This Month"
In your main summary of whichever month you are viewing at the time…

At the moment this will list every single referrer to your WebPage, this section will be refined in the new year to include a search facility to find a particular referrer and/or counter; additionally there will be a new set up section within your counter to allow you to exclude certain sites from your search i.e. "your own site", this is being built mainly for those with more than a few hundred referrers to their pages as it's a laborious job scrolling through thousands of referrers; especially if there is a lot of cross referencing going on within your site, i.e. one counter on one page within your site will pick up another referring page within your site creating another referring page in your list, the refinement parts of the listing facility will give you the capability to remove or include your site as you so wish……

Over this weekend I hope to add back the all counter statistics to the new design including your java and screen information, this section has become slightly more complex for future development plans, but it reads easier like your new statistics do, anyway the proof is in the pudding so I will wait for your comments on all of this….