Forgotten Details?

Forgotten Details?
Monday, 30 December 2002

No problem!!! Another change to Globel itself, I have gone off the statistics and other parts of Globel for a little while whilst I concentrate and improve the Globel program itself, in the last few days I have added the much needed "I forgot my password" part to the program as I was finding increasingly users wanting to get their details again and taking up just a little of my time doing this, don't mean that precariously and I do not want to speak to all of you but I am on a "mission from god" as said by the blue's brothers....

It may be a good idea to just get your details anyway and print them out as they now contain your "Account Number" as well as Your "Account Transaction Code" these two are used in combination throughout the life of your account and are unique to your account with Globel Itself, on older accounts this information was not released even although it did exist, but now you can get it simply by getting Globel to resend your details, the primary key is your email address so this has been used to extract the information for you….

So now at any time you need your details Just ask Globel on the forms provided, this is a one shot 24 hour form to stop robots in their tracks "and others" exactly the same as the user registration form which I have also taken a little time out to improve, there is also lot's of other refinements needed within the program to get on the way to perfection so I am doing these also but "I will be back" shortly to improve the counter itself next on a few user wants and a few idea's I have for it myself.

And if I really get going, I may have one of my pleasant surprise's up my sleeve for all of you, it's not over yet, in fact I have really only just begun, so keep yew eye's peeled: ~O and thankyou once again to all of you for being part of Globels Journey.