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Change details?
Sunday, 09 February 2003

User change of details, yet another important background change to globel, you can now update your user details by simply entering the appropriate section in the control panel, this means that when you change your email address it's just a simple form to update your account, also when your satisfied I am not some sort of mailing organisation you can change your hotmail or yahoo email address for the real one ;~)

The FAQ has not been updated yet with the following changes this will happen as usual in due course, but the new panel is easier to find things so Should not need so much help!

A lot of the free services like hotmail or yahoo bounce back emails now and again or give a ominous user does not have an account notice! Although you probably do and although pretty innocent this can cause our robot to think this is yet another bogus account created by someone with nothing better to do with their time, and may delete your account, please be sure you can be contacted about our counter service and software this also helps to keep the database clean.

You will also notice changes in the format or layout of the control panel, this is to aid new users and to make life a little easier, when I first started building Globel I was more interested in the program itself so left this for a later stage, since spending a little time on navigation have improved the panel and have more changes to make to improve it even more, this is also in preparation for other services to be offered that will be all part of your registration, I am going to do a simple statistics version in may 2003 (maybe earlier) to help those with navigating the newly named "Advanced Statistics".

In this version the counters have been split up more as well so now you can have a unique count on one and not another, this minor upgrade is automatic and will occur on any counters made after this date, your old counters are not affected however until you make and delete a new counter the counter hit control will be unobtainable on your old counters, to get this working again just create and delete a counter!

The above is also in preparation for some new fangled gadgets to be added to the counter and also to improve it's efficiency, "MORE ON THIS LATER" but the new version will be a major upgrade and you may need to re-paste your code again, I think this should be the last time ever as with this upgrade I should have covered virtually all possibilities including WebTV users and the fact that java just does not work on their machines but the new upgrade ensures this by using an image element as well as java but as I said more on this later.

Please As Always......... Let me know what you think