New Functions Feb 2003

New Functions?
Sunday, 23 February 2003:

Well yet another improvement sorted with some new additions, this new set of amendments to the control panel should help new users no end to find their way around the control panel !!I think I am happy with this part now how about you lot ;~)

If you need a little brief information "as always" on the new menu design Look Here:
I think that's it now the new design should make navigating easier and will extend to the statistics and also allow me to continue developing the counter without fear of losing you along the way because it's very sectional and specific to an area of interest at any moment in time, the FAQ need's serious updating now but will do this along the way, as always any questions give me a call.

Site Title:
On this new update a new kiddie is here. And that's site title this is mainly for those who wanted to put counting since at the top of their counters but can be used as a counter title if you want or anything else for that matter, font/colour/size/words are all controllable in the wizard as ever.

Unique count:
Update to this allows you to now change the font/colour/size/words on your unique counter, I even have updated the fact you can change it's total that it starts at, I initially thought this was not a good idea but a lot of you have requested it and so be it, if you do change this total please only change it once as this is a truly unique count and will only serve to confuse if you keep changing it.

New counter. Delete counter. Get HTML etc.
Have all been separated into separate pages and functions, this helps new users but also allows those with multiple counters to do stuff in bulk, I.e. if you need to delete a load of counters all at once you now do not need to go in and out of pages. Just keep clicking and deleting till your hearts content, this also applies to getting you HTML code for your pages Etc.

***NEW** Inheritance Function:
This I built to make life easier also, now all you need to do is either build a template counter or make amendments to one counter in the wizard and then use inheritance to apply that design to other counters across your site, again with the keep clicking attitude, all you have to do is pick your source counter i.e. "template" and pick your destination counter "Target" the inheritance function will then apply changes from template to target "but not your count totals" n the next page it will then keep your template as the source "and show this only" and remove both the template and the counter you have just applied the changes to from the target list and ask you if you want to apply these changes to the next counter, so really it's just a case of keep clicking through your list to apply to all.

Wizard updated:
I have uncomplicated the wizard a bit more so now it's just a case of jumping to a specific section within it, the wizard will always demand a counter to work on now but once selected you can navigate the new Wizard Menu until your hearts content or select the "Next" Option to follow it's setup.

Please as always let me know if you have any problems on any of this as usual and I will assist:

Paul !